Jerin samfuran ta alamar Sattrans

Adaftar tebur tare da RJ11 - SATTRANS
260.82 $
The Desk Adapter with RJ11 - SATTRANS is the perfect accessory for any home or office setup. This handy, universal adapter enables you to connect two standard RJ11 plug devices without the hassle of multiple wires. With its slim design and plug-and-play functionality, the Desk Adapter with RJ11 - SATTRANS gives you reliable, stable performance that you can count on. Experience data transfer speeds up to 100 Mbps and Dual Fast Ethernet for your home or office network. Get the most out of your RJ11 setup with the Desk Adapter with RJ11 - SATTRANS.
Iridium 9555 Motoci & Tashar Docking Marine - Sattrans
717.6 $
The Sattrans Iridium 9555 Vehicle & Marine Docking Station is a specialized satellite telecommunications docking station designed to take full advantage of the power and flexibility of Iridium's satellite network. It allows you to send and receive calls and data anywhere in the world, even in remote or far-off locations. This versatile docking station is perfect for those who need to keep in touch even in remote areas. With the Iridium 9555 Vehicle & Marine Docking Station, you can stay connected with superior quality and convenience.
Adaftar Docking Office tare da RJ11- SATTRANS don Thuraya TX PRO Thuraya XT kawai !!!
627.9 $
This Office Docking Adapter with RJ11- SATTRANS is specifically designed for Thuraya TX PRO and Thuraya XT – the most reliable and cost-effective mobile satellite telephones on the market. It's easy to install and use and provides an efficient and secure connection directly to the satellite network with quality sound, reliable data and high performance. It's perfect for remote areas, where traditional mobile phone networks are unavailable.
Adaftar Docking Office RJ11 - SATTRANS
579.6 $
This RJ11 Office Docking Adapter - SATTRANS is great for increasing the functionality of your office environment. It easily converts any RJ11 jack into two networks (RJ11 and RJ45) with one plug. Perfect for quickly connecting PCs and laptops to your office network. It is lightweight and high-quality, providing efficient performance. Ideal for offices and workplaces with high demands.
SAT Office ba tare da RJ11 ba
489.9 $
Wannan SAT Office ba tare da samfurin RJ11 yana ba da ingantaccen, abin dogaro da mafita na ofis mai tsada ba. An tsara samfurin musamman don kawar da buƙatar igiyoyi na RJ11 masu tsada da masu daidaitawa, yana sa ya dace don wurin aiki, ƙananan ofis da wuraren ofisoshin gida. A sauƙaƙe shigar da saitin a cikin mintuna, kuma ku ji daɗin ƙwarewar sauti mai inganci cikakke don ƙaramin tattaunawa, tarurruka da taro.
SAT - Hannun VDA - Kit ɗin Mota Kyauta - SATTRANS tare da eriya 3-1 don Thuraya XT PRO & Thuraya XT kawai !!!
759 $
This SAT – VDA Hands – Free Vehicle Kit – SATTRANS with 3-1 antenna is designed specifically for use with Thuraya XT PRO and Thuraya XT devices, providing a hands-free connection for making and receiving calls in your vehicle. It features a strong signal for optimal performance, a built-in power supply, and a highly durable design for durability and reliability. With this kit, you will have access to crystal clear conversations wherever you go.
SAT - Hannun VDA - Kit ɗin Mota Kyauta - SATTRANS ba tare da eriya don Thuraya XT PRO & Thuraya XT kawai !!!
690 $
This SAT – VDA Hands – Free Vehicle Kit – SATTRANS without antenna is specifically designed for use with the Thuraya XT PRO and Thuraya XT mobile satellite telephones. With this kit, you can safely and conveniently talk hands-free in your vehicle and enjoy crystal clear conversations. The kit is easy to install, and comes with everything you need for a seamless setup. Get the ultimate mobile satellite experience with this reliable and affordable kit.
Adaftar Docking Motar SAT-DOCKER - SATTRANS tare da eriya don Thuraya XT & Thuraya XT Lite
310.5 $
Ji daɗin samun damar shiga mara iyaka zuwa Thuraya XT & Thuraya XT Lite sabis na tauraron dan adam tare da adaftar Docking Vehicle - SATTRANS w/o eriya. Wannan cikakke, mai sauƙin shigar adaftan ya zo tare da duk abin da kuke buƙata don samun damar cikakken kewayon murya, SMS, sa ido, da sabis na sa ido. Ba tare da eriya da ake buƙata ba, zaku kasance kuna haɗawa zuwa Thuraya XT ko Thuraya XT Lite cikin ɗan lokaci.
Sattrans Cradle don SAT - Docker (Thuraya XT)
The Sattrans Cradle for SAT – Docker (Thuraya XT) is the perfect solution for connecting your Thuraya XT to your computer. With a durable construction, quick and easy setup, and simple connection, this cradle will offer a reliable and secure connection for many years. Enjoy uninterrupted access to your data and documents with this reliable and efficient device.
Sattrans Cradle don SAT - Docker XT PRO
172.5 $
Sattrans Cradle for SAT – Docker XT PRO is designed for optimizing efficiency and saving time in satellite communications. It secures the SATcom automation and simplifies the networking process to reduce operational costs. It features a 3-in-1 interface, reducing the number of physical connections, and it is easily customized to provide efficient and reliable communication between distributed satellites.
Sattrans Cradle don SAT - VDA (Thuraya XT)
Sattrans Cradle for SAT – VDA (Thuraya XT) is a reliable, efficient and easy-to-use cradle device that securely connects your Thuraya XT satellite phone to your computer. It offers USB connectivity, data transfer and charging capabilities, allowing you to stay connected wherever you go. Ideal for anyone who relies on their satellite phone for travel, work or communication in remote areas.
Sattrans Cradle don SAT - WiFi CommStation XT
165.6 $
Sattrans Cradle don SAT - WiFi CommStation XT yana ba da haɗin mara waya mai sauƙi don amfani zuwa tsarin tauraron dan adam kuma yana tabbatar da ingantaccen sadarwa tsakanin tauraron dan adam da tashar sadarwa. Yana goyan bayan tsarin tauraron dan adam da yawa ciki har da Iridium, Globalstar da Inmarsat kuma yana ba ku damar samun damar bayanai da sabis na murya har ma a cikin wuraren da aka keɓe.
Sattrans Hemi Omni eriyar GPS/GEM/GSM (Siffar Mota)
200.1 $
This Sattrans Hemi Omni GPS/GEM/GSM antenna (Vehicle Version) provides a low-profile, all-weather solution for efficient location, tracking and communication. With a 4.5 dB gain, this antenna offers superior performance in a variety of conditions. Ideal for any land, marine or aerial application, it is designed to withstand high levels of stress and vibration. Its ground plane independent design ensures excellent performance in a variety of mounting positions, delivering fast and reliable location, communication and performance.
Sattrans Hemi Omni eriyar GPS/GEM/GSM tare da dutsen ruwa
227.7 $
This Sattrans Hemi Omni GPS/GEM/GSM Antenna with Marine Mount is the perfect solution for your fleet and marine telecommunication needs. This robust antenna is designed to provide superior quality performance and reliability with a long-lasting design. Boasting a wide frequency range and a tough mounting bracket, the Sattrans Hemi Omni GPS/GEM/GSM Antenna is sure to keep your communication lines open and reliable at sea.
Sattrans SIRRIN HANDSET don SAT - Docker
30.36 $
Secure and protect your conversations with the Sattrans PRIVACY HANDSET for SAT - DOCKER. This state-of-the-art phone is designed to keep your confidential conversations safe and secure with encrypted technology that blocks any potential hacker from accessing your conversations. Enjoy full-duplex technology for better voice quality and a full-color LCD display that adjusts to any light condition. With an in-built auto-receiver and adjustable volume control, the Sattrans PRIVACY HANDSET for SAT - DOCKER ensures your conversations remain private and secure.
Sattrans SAT-DOCKER na XT, XT-PRO (Cradle Docking Vehicle)
576 $
The SAT-DOCKERXT and XT-PRO Vehicle Docking Cradle by Sattrans ensures easy mounting and secure holding of your sensitive electronic devices when on the go. Made with durable plastic construction and a secure locking system, the Vehicle Docking Cradle is designed for the most secure and comfortable driving experience. Compatible with a wide range of smartphone and Electronic devices, the SAT-DOCKERXT & XT-PRO offers a safe, ergonomic and compact solution for your in-vehicle needs.
Sattrans Kudu latitude (babban kwana) eriyar GPS/GEM/GSM
151.79 $
This ultra-high gain Sattrans South Latitude (High Angle) GPS/GEM/GSM Antenna is designed for significantly increased reception and transmission range. It features a robust construction, low noise levels, and exceptional performance when mounted at an angle greater than 1.8°. It is ideal for those who need the very best reception and transmission from their GPS, GSM, and GEM systems.
Sattrans WiFi CommStation don Thuraya XT
The SatTrans WiFi CommStation for Thuraya XT is a high-quality, durable, and easy-to-use satellite communication system that offers reliable, secure, and long-range communication options. It connects Thuraya XT devices to existing WiFi networks, allowing you to stay connected in remote or difficult-to-reach areas. With robust planning, setup, and monitoring tools, the SatTrans WiFi CommStation is perfect for professionals, adventurers, and everyday users.